Oculus Rift – Is it still worth it?

Is it worth it, Virtual Reality

I’ve been using the Rift for over a year now so I have a pretty good understanding of what’s good and bad about it. Today I’m going to go over the positives and negatives of the Rift.


•You can install games and apps for your rift from your phone.

•The rift supports both the oculus store and the steam VR store giving you a massive variety of games to play.

•The rift controllers are comfortable, I mean REALLY comfortable!

•If you have glasses you can buy prescription lenses for the rift or you could purchase a cover for the rift which acts like a spacer, allowing you to wear glasses with the rift.


•The rift is PC powered so as well spending over £400 on the headset and extra sensors you would have to spend around £900 just to get a computer which is compatible with the Rift.

•Due to the rift being PC powered this means that there is a massive cable following you around which is rather annoying, especially when you’re playing games like robo-recall which relies on you having 360° of freedom.

•Like any VR headset you need to setup the headset when you first buy it. I can say from experience that the Rifts setup is the worst due to the poor tutorial. I’ve had to set my rift up over five times now and every time it asks me to put a sensor into the wall. It’s EXTREMELY annoying.

Is it still worth it?

Quick answer: no. The Rift is just too much of a hassle to setup and with all of the extras you have to buy like sensors and VR covers it’s just not the best headset for your money anymore. Oculus have recently stopped selling the Rift due to the release of their new tethered, no external sensor headset, the rift S which is selling for the same price as the Rift.

There is also the 100% wireless headset, the oculus Quest, selling at £400, the same price as the rift S, but doesn’t have as good graphics in comparison to the rift S.